Men's Counseling & Coaching Services

Have YOU decided it’s time to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own life?

Well, Good for you! I applaud your courage my brother.

We specialize in counseling for men’s issues like relationships, marriage, parenting and growing in your career.

Great Relationships Start With Growing Men

Need COUNSELING that’s both SAFE and APPEALING for MEN?

We specialize in working with Men (and the women who love them!). Utilizing a “Man-Friendly” approach designed to help individuals and couples connect, grow, and solve the ongoing relational problems that continuously drain the love out of their relationship

We will help you learn (and effectively use) the tools needed for effective communication and problem solving.

Feeling Stuck? Feeling Blamed? Experiencing failure and shame? Anger?

Unfortunately, regular “mental health counseling” approaches often lead us men to feel more of the same, leading us to shut down even further (or get Angry)…

We approach you differently!

We will help you (and the woman who loves you) get back on the same team….

Think of us as your Team’s Coach

What GREAT TEAM hasn’t had a GREAT COACH?

Strong Husbands Built Here

Men come to Experience Hope Counseling to engage in our “Strong Husbands” program by themselves, or with their partner (sometimes, their partners even come by themselves first).

What Goals Are You Ready To Accomplish Now?