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After the Honeymoon: Why the 1st Year of Marriage is so Tough

You would think it would be the best year of a marriage —You know…that period following the honeymoon when the wedding memories are still fresh and the tan from the honeymoon even fresher! — but for many newlyweds the first year of … Read More

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Pre-Marriage Preparation: Before You Say “I Do”

Some may consider it old-fashioned or even un-romantic, but preparing yourself for marriage before you say “I do” may save you an immense amount of pain down the road. That romantic period when love first blooms and finally turns into … Read More

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Getting Married? Prepare For Disaster? Really?

I thought the linked article was an interesting read. The title suggests that one should be “prepared” for the difficulties that will likely come in a marriage…but they are specifically referring to the hurricane or snow storm that might mess … Read More