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💥 Tired of the Same Old Marriage Drama? Feeling Stuck? Discover clarity and plot a new course together. 💥

🔍 Science Based Relationship Assessment, Expert Review and Mapping Session: Let’s Shed Light on Your Marriage’s Core Dynamics. 

Enough with the DIY Guesswork. Let’s Get Real!

What's in This Session For You?

  • Evidence-Based Assessment Tool: Science-backed. (⏰ Quick note: Requires 30 minutes for each person to complete online assessment prior to our meeting.)
    • Reveal the Underlying: Our science-backed pre-session assessment provides valuable insights into often hidden and overlooked patterns.
    • See Growth: Sets the stage for you to start track changes in your relationship landscape and begin celebrating your progress.
  • Emotional Renewal and Authentic Connection: We’re about reigniting the spark in your relationship. Are you ready to shed recurring roadblocks and cultivate true intimacy?
  • StrongMarriage Roadmap: Walk away with clear and actionable next steps to get your marriage back on track. No detours.
  • Tailored Insight: Using your assessment data, we’ll unveil the areas you both need to strengthen and heal.
  • Rediscover Genuine Joy: Let’s bring back the happiness you both truly deserve.

Why is This Session Different?

  • Value-Driven Depth: Get double the typical 45-minute session most counselors offer with over 90 minutes of focused time. Instead of paying $400 for such sessions plus a $50 assessment, you’re getting this comprehensive $450 value for just $250. This isn’t merely a deal — it’s an investment in your family’s well-being. Expect no fluff; we dive deep swiftly into actionable insights
  • Real Solutions, No Distractions: We prioritize proven strategies over empty promises. In other words, no getting lost in difficult to understand psycho-babble.
  • Dedicated Expertise: With Timothy Shetter, M.S., your marriage’s success is backed, not just by years of higher education, but by 17 years of hands-on “in the trenches” experience with thousands of people just like you. Tim is passionate and dedicated in his work of helping couples build great marriages.
  • Pro-Marriage: We offer you a true ally for your marriage: If you’re willing to stand up for your relationship, so are we. We are here to hold hope for you when it feels uncertain. We see the light at the end of every tunnel, even if it seems distant. Many “counselors” actually steer couples towards divorce, we won’t do that.

Why Trust This Process?

  • Beyond the Surface: Our science-backed assessment tool and personalized review illuminate often-hidden patterns in your relationship, setting the foundation for genuine healing and growth.
  • More Than Just Counseling: Embrace a holistic, balanced and scientific approach with a “coach” who emphasizes the “We” in relationships. Marriage is a team sport, and Tim has coached thousands of people desiring to play the best game possible. We ensure both partners feel equally heard and supported, but ultimately it’s the “Team” that we build.
  • No Fear of Bias: Many have shared tales of feeling “ganged up on” in past counseling experiences. We’re committed to an equitable, non-judgmental approach, ensuring everyone has a voice.
  • Your Growth is Our Focus: We aren’t focused on “diagnosing” you, or your partner. We love to get you moving beyond the past and growing into your shared future. This also isn’t about watching the clock; We’re here to offer the necessary support how you need it and when you need it, ensuring progress and understanding at every turn. 

Beyond This Session 

Beyond this session you’ll be offered an invitation to continue your transformation.

While this session will provide you valuable insights and direction, long-lasting change requires a supported and sustained effort over time. So we won’t leave you hanging.

If this session is all you need to get back on track, that’s great! We’re rooting for you.

For those however desiring to commit to an even deeper journey, we offer exclusive, application-only programs. Whether it’s our

    • 3-month “Stop Fighting, Start Connecting: Blueprint for a Great Marriage” coaching program or our
    • immersive 3-4 day Resort Style Marriage Intensive,

We ensure a VIP experience by limiting the couples we work with. If you decide to apply for one of these programs, this meeting will also double as your “interview” and we will invite you to join if it’s a good fit for us as well as for you. And as a gesture of goodwill, and reward for those who take decisive action, the $250 invested in this session will be applied as a credit for you should you choose to embark on one of these transformative pathways during our call. It’s kind of like getting the session for free!


🚀 So, are you Ready for a Marriage Renaissance? Sick of the same old arguments? Feel like you’re in a never-ending tunnel? We believe in the promise of a new day. Let’s work together to find that light.

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