Coaching for Women

Do you feel like a “victim” of life?

I don’t like that word, and I certainly never wanted to identify with it. But the truth is, after marriage, kids, careers, it felt like life was something that was happening to me, not something I was choosing. Don’t get me wrong, I value my family, my work, my life….but there came a time when I realized that I felt more than a little lost. If you had asked me what I liked to do I couldn’t have told you. I was so focused on taking care of everyone else that I had lost a little bit of who I was. Can you relate? Guess what? You aren’t alone the only one who feels that way AND life can be different.

You have a purpose and a passion!

I truly believe that you have a purpose and a passion. Do you know what it is? If you are feeling lost like I was, chances are you are thinking “what purpose, what passion?” I know because I had the same thought. But it is true, you do have a purpose and you do have something you are passionate about. You just might need help finding it.

A joy filled future.

What if you did find your purpose and discover your passion. How would that change tomorrow? How would that change next year? What would your relationships be like?

We offer coaching for women who are ready to living life intentionally. Following your life path, can lead you to a joy filled future.

Don’t wait. Stop letting life happen and move forward with a purpose.

My name is Jonnae Shetter. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by life. I am a wife, mother, business owner, and entrepreneur. Through life experiences and my training as a coach, my desire is to live a life of purpose and live it passionately. An intentional life, giving priority to the things that matter most. I’d love to help you do the same!

What goals are you ready to accomplish not?

Don’t hesitate any longer…it takes COURAGE and DETERMINATION…and you’ve definitely got what it takes!