Comprehensive Affair Recovery:
Healing & Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity

Recovering from an Affair...

comes with it's own unique set of challenges.

Affair recovery may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Tim is experienced in coaching couples through the pains of an affair and helping them build a marriage that is stronger than ever. If your relationship has suffered from the pain of infidelity, you might identify with one of these lists.

Cheated On?

So you’ve just recently come to discover that your partner has had a relationship with someone other than yourself… They’ve broken trust!


You’re devastated…You feel you’ve been punched in the gut!


What do you do now? You’ve invested so much already…you don’t want to give up, but you don’t trust your partner to do the right thing…and quite frankly, you’re not even sure you trust yourself anymore.


You’re sense of feeling SAFE has been shot to hell! You’re angry. You feel vulnerable and embarrassed. Who can you talk to? Who’s safe?


You’ve asked Google to give you the answers and have been met with a storm of contradicting advice that doesn’t really fit your particular situation.


You want the pain to go away…You want to save your marriage…but you don’t know how to go about it…


You’re probably even wondering if you could ever have a happy marriage again….


Is affair recovery possible? The answer is YES! But you’ll need some help ASAP!


You’ve recently been caught or after some time of living with shame and guilt you’ve decided to come clean with your partner. You’ve cheated on your partner.


You’re partner is devastated. You’re overwhelmed with a sense of shame and guilt that nags at you day and night. You are fearful for the future of all involved, including your children, your parents, in-laws, and friends.


You’ve ended the affair and you’ve decided to turn the page. You’ve sworn to yourself and your partner that you’ll fly right… You’re beyond certain that from this day on; you’ll be the most upstanding and trustworthy person they’ve ever met…


But, they don’t believe you.


You’ve invested so much and have deep regret for your behavior.


You didn’t really set out to have the affair…you just kind of slipped into it.


You want the pain to go away for your partner. You’re willing to do whatever it takes…You’re done playing games.


If you are ready to invest in your relationship in an intense…”let’s do this” kind of way…. then this program is for you.

You CAN reconnect!

You may feel like recovering from an affair is impossible, but it isn’t.  You can have a marriage that is stronger than ever.  Below you’ll find seven ways that marriage counseling can help you rebuild your marriage.


Recover Faster

The average recovery time after disclosure of affairs generally seems to be around 2 years. By working with an experienced coach and trained professional you’ll have someone to help you avoid the common mistakes that couples often make… you’ll make much more rapid progress than if you go it alone.

Couple looking into each others eyes in their living room. Recovering from an affair

Trust again…

I know…you’re not sure you’ll ever trust again. I’ll help you learn how to build a map and navigate your way towards a deeper and stronger relationship than you had prior to the affair.


Gain Clear Vision and Direction for the Future

Face it, right now things are muddy, you’re having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We provide the flashlights, the map and the experience to help you make your way through!

Young couple sitting on couch in couple's therapy session

Gain Understanding and Experience True Intimacy

You will do the hard work of taking control over your own thoughts and feelings. You’ll master your own emotions. You’ll go even deeper and learn to experience both yourself and your partner with compassion and true intimacy.


Experience Hope Again!

What an opportunity! I know, it sounds crazy. Many couples however have experienced the devastating effects of infidelity. Many fall apart. YOU don’t have to be them…You’ve got the wake up call…it’s time to get to work on building the relationship you always wanted.


Be Understood by your Partner

They don’t get it! I hear you. Don’t give up yet. You’ve both got some bad habits to break. You’ve got some new ones to build. They’ll get it…sooner than you think…and so will you!

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