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Road Map for Successful Marriage 
It's time to Educate and Equip your relationship. Great marriages don't just happen...they get there by design...
(Guy's it's ok to ask for directions)
Marriage Mindset
Hey Team! Are you a "WE" or two "I's" living as roommates?
Safe Space
Have you created a warm and safe  place to recover and relax into peace? 
Are you open to truly "hearing" from your partner?
Are you truly open to allowing your partner to know you? Good and Bad?
Communication Principals
There's a right way...and a wrong way to both listen..and be heard!
Your NEEDS are different!
Did you know that her needs are different than yours? Have you ever become a student of your partner?
You Speak Different Languages
Did you know that your spouse might actually speak "love" in a different way than you?
The responsibility for change is in your hands! (I'll help your partner see that as well!)
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What people are saying...
Terri L.
Happy Wife...now!
"Thank you so much for your coaching and guidance. We're doing well, and our relationship is much deeper and stronger because of our sessions with you...Tim, you made a huge difference in our lives. Words don't come close to expressing our love and gratitude. And you know how good we do at communicating - LOL!!!"
Ben G.
Husband, Father
"Tim- You are the only one that got me to open up about myself .. Thank you for that...it has helped to this day to be a better Husband, Father and Brother.. You are in the right career.. To help others!"
Chances are, when you got married, you didn't plan to end up here.

You were living in the moment, passionate about each other and excited to start a life together. A lifetime of happiness stretched out in front of you and you knew you could conquer the world together.

And then along the way you began to drift apart.

Life got in the way, and now you find yourself dealing with tension, unmet needs, and a general dissatisfaction with your marriage.

Even with the best of intentions couples can find themselves in a difficult place, wondering if there is any hope for something better.

We believe that you can regain those early feelings, reignite the passion, and reset your marriage. We are here to help you develop the tools and skills to actually make that "love for a lifetime" dream come true.

If that sounds good to you, you've come to the right place! We specialize in workingwith couples who are committed to staying together but who need a marriage reset.

Not a do-over, but something even better! 
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