Tim works with clients who seek counseling for a broad range of reasons, those include:

Marriage and Family Therapy

Relationship problems and Family Issues: Couple and marital therapy, singles issues, dating issues, pre-engagement counseling, premarital counseling, communication skill development, conflict resolution, anger, addictions, sexuality issues, affairs, divorce, parenting challenges, foster family concerns, multi-generational families, men’s issues.

Growing through Life Changes/Transitions: Grief and loss, life transitions, career challenges and changes, finding hope and meaning, spirituality/faith.

DepressionHealth and Wellness: Emotion regulation, stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, body image issues, sleep problems, trauma and abuse recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder, pornography addiction, alcohol and substance abuse.

Tim considers YOU the expert on your own life. He will honor your experiences and spend time listening to the life stories that are important to you. Together you and he will seek to understand those stories and explore how they fit into the context of your life. Many clients have found Tim to be a supportive and encouraging guide in their quest for growth and healing. He greatly values the therapeutic relationship and is committed to serving you with openness, respect, curiosity and acceptance.

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