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Marriage counseling and relationship coaching is what we do! We have been counseling and coaching individuals and marriages for over a decade. Whether you choose to come alone or as a couple, we have the experience and training and are ready to help grow and connect in your relationships.

At the core of every couple is connection.

Are you someone who understands the urgency of addressing relationship challenges head-on? Do you deeply value your partner and the commitment you’ve made, feeling a profound responsibility to take bold steps to nurture and fortify your marriage? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.


We all yearn for meaningful connection, as it’s the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. We’re inherently wired for these connections, which drive us to seek and cherish relationships.

But here’s the candid truth: No one has handed us the guidebook on how to transform a promising relationship into an enduring, thriving partnership.


Perhaps you’ve noticed the same conflicts surfacing repeatedly, without any genuine resolution. It might feel like you’re merely going through the motions instead of experiencing real growth. You might even sense that you and your partner are on entirely different pages when it comes to your shared dreams and aspirations.


Even more disheartening, perhaps your intimate life isn’t igniting the spark it once did or isn’t bringing you closer together. Maybe you’re struggling to find satisfaction or intimacy is becoming increasingly rare.


You might find yourself questioning why your marriage doesn’t align with the beautiful vision you had, and whether it’s worth the effort you’ve invested. This thought can be deeply unsettling because your relationship has profound meaning to you.


If you’re unwavering in your commitment to avoid wasting precious time and resources on ineffective approaches to revitalizing your marriage, and if you’re eager to embrace a practical, positive, and time-tested strategy for lasting success, then you’ve come to the right place. Together, we can embark on a journey to transform your marriage into the extraordinary partnership you both aspire to have.

Smiling woman

"Thank you so much for your coaching and guidance.
"We're doing well, and our relationship is much deeper and stronger because of our sessions with you.... Tim, you made a huge difference in our lives. Words don't come close to expressing our love and gratitude. And you know how good we do at communicating - LOL!!!."

Terri L.

Smiling middle aged man

“Tim- You are the only one that got me to open up about myself .
Thank you for has helped to this day to be a better Husband, Father and Brother. You are in the right career.. To help others!”

Ben G.
Husband, Father

Smiling middle aged man with glasses

"I met Tim during the most difficult time of my life, and his guidance and mentorship helped me to develop the skills I needed to survive and grow....
“Tim helped me to identify and explore life's questions, which lead to a transformation in the way that I approach each day and the people that I meet. Tim is exceptionally gifted working with people. I would encourage any man, at any age, and at any stage of life to reach out to Tim and see what he can do for you.."
John E.


Connection is the force that
brought you together.

Remember the beautiful reasons why you chose your partner in the first place—their unique qualities, the moments you shared, and the dreams that united you. Those special qualities ignited a unique connection that sparked your love and commitment.

These reasons are not forgotten; they hold great value and form the foundation upon which your relationship was built. Rekindling those initial sparks and nurturing the love you felt can reinvigorate your partnership, making it even more extraordinary.


Think back to those moments when you laughed together, when you felt an unparalleled understanding, and when you imagined a future hand in hand. These were the moments that solidified your connection and the chapters of your love story that deserve to be celebrated and cherished.


By honoring the foundation of your relationship and recommitting to the beautiful reasons that brought you together, you can navigate the challenges ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. Together, you have the power to create a marriage that not only withstands the trials but also flourishes, embracing the promise and potential of your unique bond.


Your journey to an amazing marriage can draw strength from the beautiful connection that brought you two together in the first place.

Meet Tim

I’m Tim Shetter. As a skilled Growth Strategist, Relationship Coach, and expert Marriage Counselor with over 16 years of experience, I have helped countless individuals and couples achieve success in their personal and professional lives.


Through my personalized approach, I provide you with practical solutions to strengthen relationships, enhance personal growth, and achieve business goals. Whether you’re looking to build a stronger marriage, become a better husband or father, or grow your business, I can help you achieve your goals.


With my proven methods and insightful guidance, I empower my clients to overcome obstacles, create lasting change, and achieve their fullest potential. Don’t wait to start your journey towards a lifetime of joy and fulfillment. Contact me today to schedule your consultation.

Timothy Marriage Counselor
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