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We are passionate about helping couples reconnect and build stronger marriages...marriages that last a lifetime!

If you are just starting out in marriage or are ready to "reset" your relationship, we can help!
Have you found that many counselors don't relate to men's issues? We do! 

We utilize a "Man Friendly" approach to help individuals and couples connectgrow, and solve the relational problems that drain the love out of their relationship.
Are you struggling to keep up in a busy life? Do you feel pulled in a million directions at once? You aren't alone!

Find out how coaching can help you live intentionally, giving priority to the things that matter most.
about our upcoming Cruise/ Couples "Coaching Intensive" designed to help you get your relationship back on track!

If you're relationship is in need of a RESET, this might be your chance to leave the distractions behind for a week and focus on your Relationship! We'll help you have fun again!
Road Map for Successful Marriage 
It's time to Educate and Equip your relationship. Great marriages don't just happen...they get there by design...
(Guy's it's ok to ask for directions)
Marriage Mindset
Hey Team! Are you a "WE" or two "I's" living as roommates?
Safe Space
Have you created a warm and safe  place to recover and relax into peace? 
Are you open to truly "hearing" from your partner?
Are you truly open to allowing your partner to know you? Good and Bad?
Communication Principals
There's a right way...and a wrong way to both listen..and be heard!
Your NEEDS are different!
Did you know that her needs are different than yours? Have you ever become a student of your partner?
You Speak Different Languages
Did you know that your spouse might actually speak "love" in a different way than you?
The responsibility for change is in your hands! (I'll help your partner see that as well!)
Chances are, when you got married, you didn't plan to end up here.

You were living in the moment, passionate about each other and excited to start a life together. A lifetime of happiness stretched out in front of you and you knew you could conquer the world together.

And then along the way you began to drift apart.

Life got in the way, and now you find yourself dealing with tension, unmet needs, and a general dissatisfaction with your marriage.

Even with the best of intentions couples can find themselves in a difficult place, wondering if there is any hope for something better.

We believe that you can regain those early feelings, reignite the passion, and reset your marriage. We are here to help you develop the tools and skills to actually make that "love for a lifetime" dream come true.

If that sounds good to you, you've come to the right place! We specialize in workingwith couples who are committed to staying together but who need a marriage reset.

Not a do-over, but something even better! 
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What people are saying...
(these are all real testimonials...pictures have been changed for privacy...quotes used by permission)
Terri L.
Happy Wife...now!
"Thank you so much for your coaching and guidance. We're doing well, and our relationship is much deeper and stronger because of our sessions with you...Tim, you made a huge difference in our lives. Words don't come close to expressing our love and gratitude. And you know how good we do at communicating - LOL!!!"
Ben G.
Husband, Father
"Tim- You are the only one that got me to open up about myself .. Thank you for that...it has helped to this day to be a better Husband, Father and Brother.. You are in the right career.. To help others!"
John E.
"...Tim is exceptionally gifted working with people. I met Tim during the most difficult time of my life, and his guidance and mentorship helped me to develop the skills I needed to survive and grow....Tim helped me to identify and explore life's questions, which lead to a transformation in the way that I approach each day and the people that I meet. I would encourage any man, at any age, and at any stage of life to reach out to Tim and see what he can do for you."
Will W.
Husband, Father, Dreamer
"Tim is a remarkable counselor. I came to Tim to discuss some things that had happened in my past. We addressed the past but we also discussed the future. Tim has propelled me forward towards the goals that I thought were out of reach. He's has also brought my wife and I closer together. I can't recommend Tim enough."
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Timothy Shetter, M.S. MFT, Marriage Counselor & Professional Life Coach
"Marriage Counseling & Relationship Coaching
Personal Coach, Leadership Coaching, Men's Coaching" ​ 
Tim is a marriage counselor in Greeley, Colorado. As a Relationship and Marriage Coach, Tim helps couples “Bulletproof” their marriages. Trained in the art and science of Marriage and Family Therapy, Tim has worked extensively with successful individuals and their partners along the many stages of their journey. Tim is passionate about helping couples intentionally connect with each other and those around them in powerful and life giving ways.

If you’d like to “Bulletproof Your Marriage” we invite you to contact us now! Why wait?

Tim specializes in helping successful couples build their marriages for a lifetime of joy and fulfillment! Utilizing research-based assessment tools we will help you identify strengths and reinforce the potential kinks in the armor!

Call now to schedule a free consultation!
(Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling in Greeley, Colorado location or Online via Skype. Webcam required.)
Jonnae Shetter 
Life Coach | Mindset Coach | Relationship Coach | Marriage Coach in Greeley, Colorado (Skype Sessions Available)
Have you been living life with INTENTION?
If you have some goals for life that have gathered dust...maybe it's time to bring in a Coach who can help you get moving!

Jonnae Shetter coaches women who have decided it's time to get SERIOUS about moving some aspect of their life FORWARD! Should that be a Stay-at-home Mom desiring to build a home based business, the excutive trying to balance her many roles in a way that brings her JOY and PEACE...or the Homeschooling Mom trying to manage her household.

Jonnae has extensive experience and training in human services, social work, and psychology. Jonnae is NOT a "mental health counselor." Jonnae received her "Coach Training" from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI). 
Do you need a "Mental Health Counselor" or a COACH?

The "Greats" have all had ​​​"Effective Coaches"

Let us help draw the BEST out of YOU!

A LIFE COACH will help you:
1.) Gain Clarity around Your Needs, Wants and Goals, be they in your career, hobby, or relationships
2.) Help you develop your own plan for moving towards those goals.

Coaching for Women Coaching for Men
Watch Video for Details 
about our upcoming Cruise/ Couples "Coaching Intensive" designed to help you get your relationship back on track!

If you're relationship is in need of a RESET, this might be your chance to leave the distractions behind for a week and focus on your Relationship! We'll help you have fun again!
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