We are ONLINE!

We meet you face to face online and here’s why:

Flexibility. Online coaching offers so much more flexibility….for both of us. I am able to be creative with my time which means more options for you.

Comfort. You get to experience coaching in a location that is already familiar and comfortable for you. Grab a cup of tea, or even a glass of wine, and settle in.

Less Time Commitment. No travel time means less time from your already busy schedule.

No Childcare Needed. Have kids? Another great reason for online coaching. You can schedule a time when kids are in bed, at school, or have a sitter come and not have to pay for extra travel time.

Less risk of getting sick. Worried about catching one more virus from a busy office? Online coaching means you will have one less exposure.

We love doing our sessions online and we think you will too!

Ready to give it a try?